Lyrics: Can You Hear Them Whisper?

Can You Hear Them Whisper?


Looking over her shoulder she's not alone

Someone is there with her as she walks along

And even though they are standing still

They follow her on the path up the hill


Restless leaves rustle in shades of green

Talking and debating what they have just seen

Wondering, is she friend, is she foe?

They say they simply have to know


Can you hear them whisper? x 4


Little flowers look up from the forest floor

And as she passes, they cannot be sure

Petals fold as they close their worried eyes

Hoping that tomorrow they will rise.


Can you hear them whisper? x4


Send a message, a distant call

To the ones who are wiser than all

And the wind sighs and briskly breathes

Through the willows to the old oak trees


Can she see that we have much to lose?

The old wise ones begin to muse

And so soon, they respond, the wind tells

She is only the kindest of elves.


Can you hear them whisper? x8

Music: Rushana Brandanger

Lyrics: Britt Embry

Cover design: Idea by Rushana. Forest by PG Halvorsen and girl by


Rushana - Can You Hear Them Whisper? - YouTube

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