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In The Dawn Of Day: lyrics and cover design

Rushana - In the Dawn of Day (video) - YouTube

In The Dawn Of Day


I bloom and wither

Both nourished and scorched

By your brilliant but terrible sun

And like a flower, I cannot run


Like a beautiful whirlwind, you pick me up to dance

Only you and me inside

Free from an outside world I can't abide

But like the wind you're just passing through, like a glance

Always to somewhere else bound

Leaving me broken and broken-hearted on the ground


Your presence makes the music sound better

Like the words in a love letter

Like a maestro and his symphony

Makes my heart pound like timpani


But every time the music ends

You leave and I'm left to grieve

The beat and my heart stops

As the baton drops


Like the light side of the moon

So effortlessly you make me swoon

But like a game of chess

Half the moon is darkness

And as around I go

My feelings ebb and flow

Drowning in the tide

My queen has nowhere to hide


Shining bright

Yet a creature of the night

Night predator

I'm no longer your willing prey

I stumbled through the darkness

I'm in the dawn of day


I'm in the dawn of day


Music: Rushana Brandanger

Lyrics: Britt Embry

Original photo of horse by: MAKAROVA VIKTORIA, Shutterstock

Cover design/b&w photo editing: Britt Embry 

Rushana - In the Dawn of Day - YouTube

Rushana - In the Dawn of Day (video) - YouTube

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