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Sam & Grandad Across the Andes: The art of living. As seen on TV 2 in Norway.

Norwegian adventurer, author and TV presenter Samuel Massie is travelling around the world on a quest to fulfil his 83-year-old grandad's bucket list. I was lucky enough to be invited to join them in Portugal, Brasil, Argentina and Chile to take pictures, and I had some of the best times and laughs of my life!


One of Grandad's biggest dreams has been to ride an old Royal Enfield sidecar motorcycle across the Andean Mountains. A route was chosen from the foothills in Mendoza, Argentina, and all the way across to Santiago, Chile. Along the way, we set up a camp with a view to the snow-capped peak of Aconcagua, which at 6961 metres is the highest mountain on the entire American continent! After a few polite and not so polite protests from the old bike as it laboured its way up steep hills through the heat and dust, it finally carried the pair across the border at Christ the Redeemer, Paso de Uspallata, 3832 metres above sea level. What a way to celebrate Christmas!

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